Navy Luxury Satin Weave Silk SLIM Tie

  • Luxury Satin Weave SLIM 5.5cm Tie
  • Pure Silk
Available in matching Pocket Hanky or Bow Tie
  • 154cm length

This length allows for anyone under 6'4" to be able to tie your favourite knot. Beware of those who fail to tell you the length. Some are even 144cm, so short that there's no way to make a Windsor knot. 

  • Superior interlining

This makes for that luxury Italian fullness. Most are made sub-standard.

  • DuPont Teflon Coated protection

This will save you $$ of dry cleaning bills

  • Best quality at affordable prices

This product is being sold thousands of times for well over five years through hundreds of Retailers. Ultimately, we are renowned for our quality.

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