Wedding Dress Codes.

Have you ever been confused by a dress code?
Here is a simple dress code guide tailored to the suit.

The key to remember is the dress code is there for a reason, whatever the occasion. It’s a helpful guide so that you rock up wearing something that looks good and blends in with all the other guests.

You definitely don’t want to stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. Not only would that be embarrassing for you, but it might upstage your hosts.

Relax. We’re here to make your life easier when it comes to knowing what to wear on formal occasions. If you’ve ever been stumped or confused by a dress code, read on to find out what to wear.


The first thing to do is refer to your wedding invitation which should state a dress code.

We've broken down some of the most common; Black Tie, Formal, Semi Formal and Smart Casual, into a simple and practical wedding attire guide.


black tie dress code at mens suit warehouse

You'll be wearing:

  • Black Tuxedo
  • Black Bow Tie
  • White Tuxedo Shirt
  • Patent Leather Shoes 
  • If you don't have Patent Shoes, don't worry - Black and shiny new will work. Try any black options from the Martino Carolus collection.
Our Tuxedo Range has everything you need to look great and fit the part.

This Boston classic fit tuxedo looks a million bucks. It has timeless appeal that will do the job nicely. 

For a variation on the classic look, what is sometimes called Creative Black Tie allows you to still look formal while mixing it up a little, by wearing a jacket like this Studio Italia Tuxedo in ivory.


groomsmen wear formal dark navy suits on wedding day
Photo: Rick Liston

A formal wedding dress code offers more flexibility compared to black tie events. Express your individual style through the colour of your suit and by adding complimentary suit accessories such a printed pocket square and tie.

You'll be wearing:
  • Black or Dark Blue Suit or Tuxedo. Formal wedding dress codes for men generally regard black as the traditional option. A Dark navy or charcoal suit is a suitable point of difference if you'd prefer to avoid black. 
  • Black or White Bow Tie or Necktie. A black bow tie or necktie is the traditional formal option, however if it’s not specifically requested, you can choose other colours and patterns. The main takeaway for this dress code is that a tie is required.
  • White Tuxedo Shirt or Dress Shirt.
  • Black Patent or Normal Leather Shoes. Your shoes should reflect the formality of the occasion. Black patent leather shoes are ideal for a more traditional and elegant look, while normal leather shoes are suitable for a slightly less formal setting. Whichever you go for, ensure they are well-polished and in impeccable condition.

This Ted Baker Tuxedo in navy is a great choice for a formal occasion. You can choose whether to stick with classic black or move to a dark navy.

Another classic is this black pure wool Hugo Boss Suita material that exudes luxury and sophistication.
But the key to this dress code is to keep to darker colours and ensure the suit fit is tailored to your body for a polished formal look.


groomsmen wear semi formal blue suits
Photo: Georgia Verrells

The aim of a semi-formal dress code for men is to still look sharp and put together but without the requirement for a full matching suit or a tie.

You'll be wearing: 

  • Navy or Blue Suit. Both of these are more playful than black but still reflect class in a semi-formal dress setting. But ensure your suit is well-tailored to fit your body perfectly, as the fit is just as important as the colour.
  • Dress Shirt (solid colour). White is the classic choice for a semi-formal dress code for men, while light blue adds a touch of colour without being too bold. It works well for both day and evening events, too. Other colour options are pale pink, lavender, ivory, burgundy or navy. As a general rule, wear lighter colours and fabrics for a daytime event and darker colours for an evening function.
  • Long Tie or Bow Tie is appropriate. The choice depends on your personal style and the specific occasion. A bow tie can add a touch of flair, while a long tie might feel more traditional.
  • Black or Brown Leather Dress Shoes. The choice depends on your suit colour. Black is a classic match for darker suits and is a safer choice while brown is for lighter hues. It Brown can also add depth and character to your outfit.

This black slim fit Hugo Boss Henry suit is perfect for any cocktail occasion or an evening  semi-formal event. Its slim fit offers a modern, stylish silhouette, and the black colour makes it versatile and elegant. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a sleek, long tie or bow tie for a refined look.

For a slightly more relaxed semi-formal look, try a Gibson Lithium suit matched with brown shoes. Its less structured style lends a more casual feel, suitable for daytime or less formal evening events. 


smart casual suits for a more relaxed dress code
Photo: desfura weddings

A mens casual wedding outfit aims for a relaxed and comfortable vibe while looking neat and polished. This smart casual dress code is perfect for outdoor weddings, beach ceremonies, or informal gatherings like rehearsals, where a laid-back yet stylish look is desired.

You'll be wearing: 

  • Dress Pants or Chinos. This is your chance to experiment with colours – lighter shades for daytime events or darker hues for evening celebrations. Just ensure the pants are well-ironed for a crisp appearance.
  • Collared Shirt. You can opt for a classic button-down or a more relaxed polo shirt, depending on the level of casualness of the event.
  • Optional Tie, Sports Jacket. Even though the dress code contains a casual element, a tailored sports jacket is welcomed. It's a great way to look sharp in an understated way.
    A tie is still welcomed with a sports jacket and chino, but avoid the matching suit or you'll be too formal.
  • No T-shirts or Denim. Even if the bride and groom have requested a casual wedding attire, T-shirts without a collar and any denim are a no go.

Just like with other wedding outfits for men, you can wear lighter colours and fabrics for daylight functions and darker ones for night time.

To help you create the perfect casual wedding outfit, check out our fantastic range of Sports Jackets and Blazers. These versatile pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and are a great addition to any man's wardrobe.

If you’d like some Trousers or Chinos, check out these to find exactly what you want. From classic cuts to more modern fits, you can easily find the perfect pair to complete your casual wedding attire.


What to wear to a wedding for men?

For men, the wedding outfit depends on the wedding dress code. Options range from tuxedos for black tie events to suits for formal and semi-formal occasions and more relaxed men's casual wedding outfits–like chinos and collared shirts–for casual events.

What is a formal wedding dress code for men?

The formal wedding dress code for men typically involves a dark suit or tuxedo, a white dress shirt, a conservative tie, and dress shoes. This wedding attire is usually equated with high sophistication, making it suitable for traditional, formal weddings.

What do men wear to weddings in Australia?

In Australia, wedding attire for men can vary greatly depending on the location and formality of the wedding. For formal events, wedding suits or tuxedos are common. However, lighter suits and smart casual men's wedding outfits are popular due to the warmer climate, especially for outdoor or beach weddings.

Can men wear jeans to a wedding?

Jeans are generally not recommended for weddings, even if the dress code is smart casual. They might be acceptable for very casual or themed weddings, but it's always best to check the invitation or with the hosts.

What is the proper dress code for men?

The proper dress code for men varies depending on the occasion. Formal events typically involve a suit or tuxedo. Semi-formal and smart casual events allow for more variety, including lighter suits or a combination of dress pants with a blazer. The rule of thumb is that you should follow the hosts’ instructions.

Do men have to wear a suit to a wedding?

While it's not always mandatory, wearing a suit to a wedding is a common and safe choice, especially for formal and semi-formal wedding dress codes. For smart casual weddings, men can opt for a more relaxed look with dress pants and a collared shirt.

Can you wear a suit without a tie to a wedding?

Wearing a suit without a tie is generally acceptable for semi-formal or smart casual weddings. But for formal events, it is an essential component of the outfit.

What is formal daytime attire for men?

Formal daytime attire for men typically includes a lighter-coloured suit, such as grey, blue, or beige, paired with a dress shirt and tie. This attire is less formal than evening wear, which often involves darker suits in navy or charcoal.


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