OTAA - smoke blue slub linen tie


When the Brothers at OTAA create nautical designs, they like to immerse themselves in oceanic environments. The Smoke Blue Slub Linen Tie was designed in the middle of the Atlantic in a haphazard canoe. "Perfect," the brothers professed as they painted their final brushstroke. The canoe capsized and they were forced to ride dolphins to shore- but that's ok because this Smoke Blue Slub Linen Necktie is a knock-out! 


This linen necktie is soft to the touch and features a subtly textured fabric. The impeccable hand-sewn details and navy blue backing makes this tie a high-quality go-to for your weekly styles. Imbued with a faded blue palette, this Smoke Blue Slub Linen Tie is intercepted by white threads for a refreshing outlook. Wear this superb in-house design to give an accomplished accent to your rostered tailored looks. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA. 


Necktie Code: L440-T85

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