OTAA - dry khaki white linen tie


Great explorers wear khaki, which is why this Dry Khaki White Linen Tie will put a sense of adventure in your tailoring. This necktie is perfect for taking on hikes in the wilderness and for when you need to camouflage in dangerous situations. For example when your boss is getting angry in the boardroom, this tie will help you camouflage with that cream wall behind your desk. It’s a life-saver.


This elegant Dry Khaki White Linen Necktie offers a lightly textured fabric that’s luxuriously soft on the skin. Adorned with a slightly off-white palette, this linen necktie brings a laidback outlook to your everyday ensembles. The soft white complexion is intercepted by subtle hints of multi-toned stitching to make this Dry Khaki White Linen Tie a multifaceted staple. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA. 


Necktie Code: L406-T85

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