OTAA - marine dark navy blue twill linen necktie


Take the plunge into a world of luxury with the Marine Dark Navy Blue Twill Linen Necktie. This is a rare and exclusive release from the OTAA dream factory. Inspired by the dark and beautiful deep navy depths of the ocean under a full moon. This tie boasts exquisite colour and texture, with the linen twill fabric offering a show-stopping and unique balance, serving as the perfect centrepiece to a dashing outfit. This winner will elevate your stylish combination to something spectacular.

The gorgeously soft twill linen trim of the Marine Dark Navy Blue Twill Necktie is cut, sewn and tailored carefully and intricately by hand. Tufts of ink blue twill linen are cross-hatched in a way to create a wealth of depth and visual texture to the necktie, some would call this a masterpiece in the field of fabrics, we call it an ace tie. This charming release is a proud addition to the range, available exclusively from the Brothers at OTAA.


Necktie Code: Y220-T85

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